Thursday, September 18, 2014

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WarZ Loot and Spawn Interactive Map

Category: News

Posted 1 year ago

Updated Interactive WarZ Map! Weapons, Guns, Supplies, Ammo, and More! See where everything spawns!

Warz Gun Attachment List

Posted 1 year ago

Accesories Name Rarity Weight Effect Compatible with Forward Grip Unknown Unknown -5% Bullet Spread Unknown SMG Grip Unknown Unknown -5% Bullet Spread Unknown SMG Grip 1 Unknown Unknown -5% Bullet Spread Unknown Flashlight (Attachment) Unknown Unknown Emits light while holding the gun * Can blind people for a moment Unknown Laser Pointer Unknown Unknown Only […]

WarZ Gun List

Posted 1 year ago

List of Weapons Weapon rarity will be realistic. This means: If the weapon is common in real-life, then it’s less rare than a weapon which is rare in real-life. Each weapon will probably have a different weight, so if you put it in your Inventory you have more or less space for other items. There will also […]

WarZ Map with Loot and Weapon Spawn Locations

Posted 1 year ago

As soon as the non-disclosure agreement is lifted on November 5th, this will be the place to come to see where guns spawn in the game. Everything from the standard pistols, to shotguns and sniper rifles.  Also Included will be different sized back-packs and armor, all in an easy to navigate map format.  Be sure […]